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South Carolina, United States
My name is Brandy, I'm 35 years old and a mother to 3 boys and one angel baby. Im into photography, cooking, making signatures, and most importany I love my family.

November 11, 2014

Some newest pictures I took.

 photo a9e5868b-9947-48b0-aab6-371f8b175a58.jpg

 photo 999c0891-9333-4e62-9c5c-f847bc0497f9.jpg

 photo 4708ed2f-6247-474f-95d3-479521d634f8.jpg

 photo 172c0776-21e6-4ac0-8e06-fdfda1ffcd77.jpg

October 16, 2014

Indian Bluff Part of Lake Marion in South Carolina

These where taken down at a little place called Indian Bluff. Nice little place really enjoy it out there.

 photo 078-3.jpg

 photo 087.jpg

 photo 086.jpg

My boyfriend Craig took this picture!

 photo 67309cbb-8652-4759-aef2-82191afb1e86.jpg

June 16, 2013

First photos of people

Im starting now to work with people. Here are some photos I took over the last month. All of these were edited in Lightroom.

 photo 027.jpg

 photo 030.jpg

 photo 049.jpg

 photo 012-1.jpg

January 29, 2013

Love the way this photo turned out.

 photo 009-2_zps0d99e490.jpg

May 22, 2012

Some new pictures from over the last couple of months. Super Moon! It was pretty.

March 23, 2012

Zoo Trip

The Garden they have is my favorite part of the Zoo.

Here are some more of my fav from the Zoo Trip.

December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas

This is my Christmas Tree this year. I hope that everyone has a great Christmas and Happy New Year.